Hayward & Green

Intelligent ‘big data’ sales
management system


Hayward & Green (H&G) came to NLS with the ambitious vision to create an intelligent system that would save their sales team valuable time when sifting through the thousands of sales enquiries they receive every day.

With over 14 million aircraft parts in stock, some related to aircraft sitting on the runway, H&G wanted a system that would find and prioritize profitable and achievable opportunities. Furthermore, they saw the potential of big data to apply machine learning to the whole process, to further leverage the advantages of this system.


Working with H&G, NLS planned, designed and built a bespoke intelligent WebApp called PERKINS (‘Product Enquiry & Retained Knowledge Information System’). PERKINS brings together multiple disparate sources of sales leads with several stock and customer databases.

The system applies a complex algorithm to prioritize the hottest sales opportunities – considering items in stock, customer history, high value items and multiple other factors.

The complex system is fronted by an easy-to-use web interface that H&G sales consultants now keep permanently on-screen at the sales office. Quotes can be quickly generated and sent from within PERKINS. New opportunities are constantly arriving, and PERKINS automatically sorts these according to a complex ranking into different categories.

Naturally the app captures data for all enquiries – whether or not they are acted on. This enables H&G to mine and act upon a new level of business intelligence.


NLS has created an intelligent WebApp that sifts out the most valuable sales leads from thousands of daily opportunities. It collates sales leads from multiple sources and applies a complex algorithm to prioritize them in real-time. Furthermore, it learns from itself and applies historical success to future activities. It also adds a reporting tier that monitors sales team performance and other metrics.


To date, PERKINS has sifted through almost 8 million sales enquiries, prioritizing prospects with the greatest chance of success, and identifying new areas of sales potential.

“PERKINS automatically sorts the wheat from the chaff, allowing our sales consultants to focus their efforts on the right opportunities, whilst simultaneously building a new layer of data insight into our operations. As well as saving us a significant amount of wasted sales time, PERKINS is also giving us a level of data insight that otherwise would be unavailable to us. The system allows sales consultants to quote back to customers in seconds, allowing us to be quick off the mark for enquiries that might have previously taken us hours to see and respond to. It has transformed our business.”

Jeremy Green, Managing Director