WordPress site with app and third-party integration


An individual’s cognitive health is increasingly seen as an indicator of overall wellbeing, as well as a signpost for a wide range of other issues, from mental health to sports performance.

MyCognition’s apps are a market-leading tech platform proven to enhance mental health & cognitive fitness through a structured course of insight, assessment and training. MyCognition approached NLS to develop a public-facing website that would reflect the appeal of their app to organisations and consumers everywhere and would integrate seamlessly with their learning management platform and app membership.


To identify and isolate the core benefits of MyCogniton, NLS curated a customer workshop at MyCognition’s offices, and then developed content and design for a new website that would capture MyCognition’s appeal across its key potential markets.

When that was signed off, we developed the site and launched it within 6 weeks of initial commission. Subsequent to the launch, we then developed customized plug-ins to link the website with app usage, and then onto a third-party Learning Management System, to enable signed-in app users to use the LMS seamlessly through the web.

NLS also delivered an intense period of Search engine Optimization and other marketing for the new website which saw the new website rank well for generic terms such as “cognitive health app”. We also achieved positive coverage in the Daily Mail Online.


NLS planned, designed and delivered a new website which positioned MyCognition appropriately for its targeted B2B and B2C markets. We followed this up with a successful campaign of Search Engine Optimization. Thereafter we have worked with MyCognition’s other technology partners to improve the end user experience from app to website and onto the learning management system.


MyCognition has seen a marked increase in awareness and usage of their platform, as awareness of the importance of cognitive health increases. They were recently described as “leaders in their field” by a report from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“NLS quickly grasped our brief, understood the value in our products and designed and built a site that accurately captured our solution. The site positioned us well in the markets we wanted to make a splash in – and our search rankings and overall exposure rose too. They worked well with our other technology partners to implement integrations with our apps and our learning management system, giving our end users a seamless experience from website to app.”

Keiron Sparrowhawk, Managing Director