Secure, compliant loan management system with extended reporting capabilities


Lendfair is an independent provider of ethical guarantor loans with thousands of customers across the UK. Lendfair approached NLS to plan, design and engineer a fully functional and fully GDPR and FCA compliant online loan management system to manage the loan application process for new and existing customers, and to enable back office staff to administrate loans efficiently.

The product we created consists of:

  1. A public website to facilitate loan applications and manage re-payments from existing customers
  2. A private WebApp to enable efficient, secure and compliant application processing, plus document generation
  3. A loan administration and reporting system for historical and existing loans.


Replacing an inefficient prototype system, NLS planned, created and tested a product that was fit-for-purpose in terms of security, data management and user features.

  • We completely remodelled the existing data into its normalized form
  • We developed and applied a continuous data remodelling script that could overcome incomplete data, differing format issues and other anomalies
  • We created a fully secure environment that protected confidential documents and data and secured the environment against all common OWASP attack types, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks
  • We implemented membership features and role-based access control securely throughout the system
  • We moved all client documents into secure storage and applied time-limited access to relevant parties
  • We worked with Lendfair to develop a full suite of advanced business reports including credit reporting, forecasting and historical financial reporting.

Technically the WebApp is highly robust, with a full suite of automated tests in place, including both functional and unit tests to ensure consistency and accuracy. It is scalable and doesn’t rely on session. A RESTful JSON API accompanies the application and supports the front and backend functionality.


NLS has created a secure loans application and management system that enables Lendfair to fully administrate loan applications, as well as managing ‘live’ loans, calculating interest and balances, issuing documentation and customer communications. It is fully compliant with FCA requirements and GDPR requirements.


The new loans administration system has given Lendfair a modern, secure, scalable, efficient and well-tested web application with a secure, geo-replicated document storage system. This has significantly improved the efficiency of back office processes, improved the availability of loan data and enabled a new tier of complex data mining and reporting that was previously impossible.


“Working with NLS has been easy from the start. We had a complex requirement with many nuances and intricate calculations. Added to that, we have a raft of compliance and reporting requirements that we must fulfil. These have all now been automated, fully tested and implemented, providing us with a secure and reliable software solution that meets our compliance and operational needs. From the start NLS have shown the aptitude, technical excellence and diligence to get to the bottom of very difficult problems and provide elegant, usable and profitable solutions.”

Colin Babb, Managing Director